Public safety is at the foundation of all we do. The safety of the public around Xcel Energy’s natural gas system influences every decision we make. Xcel Energy takes a proactive approach to public safety by implementing safety measures before, during and after construction.

During installation of the natural gas line, we use a corrosion prevention system designed to eliminate metal loss during the life of the natural gas line. We also verify the natural gas lines through x-ray of all pipe welds by an independent party.

Once the natural gas line has been installed and prior to putting it into service, we conduct internal inspection of it with state-of-the-art equipment. We also perform internal pressure tests using water to verify the integrity of the new line.

During the lifetime of the natural gas line, we internally inspect natural gas lines at least every seven years with “in-line” inspection technology. Click here to view a graphic of the equipment used. We will remotely monitor (24/7) the natural gas line from Xcel Energy’s staffed gas control center.

If you ever suspect a natural gas leak, leave your home or business immediately. Once you are safely away, call 911, then Xcel Energy at 800-895-2999.

For additional information on our commitment to safety, please visit: